When it comes to implementing our programs, the Masinga Foundation uses two-Pronged Strategy: direct involvement and partnership.

Direct Involvement:

Malaria, the treatment for which costs only $5, is the number-one causes of death among the population of the Congo. The funeral and burial cost almost $3,000. Therefore, the Masinga Foundation wants to be directly involved with building a health clinic and creating a matching fund program to pay for malaria treatments to decrease the high mortality due to the disease.


The Masinga Foundation wants to partner with a local not-for-profit organization involved in finding jobs in agro-business for the victims of torture. The local organization is named TUBA, which is a french acronym meaning All together for community Building.

Kinshasa 01/06/2021
We are extending the Sephora pharmacy into a full clinic. This faith-based medical resource is currently serving the local community by providing free, vitally needed medication to combat disease and infection from common illnesses. If…
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