Jerry & Nancy Hibma

Jerry & Nancy Hibma

Jerry & Nancy Hibma are Site Coordinators for The Elikya Vocational Training Centre in Gemena, DR Congo. This training Centre is a faith-based partnership designed to promote self-sustainability, life-skills, and a healthy future for the most vulnerable in northwestern Congo. They have been directly involved in empowering, effective partnerships in DR Congo since 2007.

Jerry Hibma holds a degree in Ministries from The University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN USA. Nancy holds a Certificate in Biblical Studies and Office Management from the same University.

Retired owners of Town & Country Cleaning Company located in Minneapolis, MN, USA. They owned and managed this company for 39 years and employed people from all over the world.

Jerry & Nancy Hibma through their lives have been strongly involved in leadership positions in their local churches along with other non-profit organizations.

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